Door of Hope Mission Odessa, TX

Request we have been ask to pray for.

Door Of Hope Mission

Please be praying for us, our building was flooded this past weekend. We are not able to have services at this time do to all the water damage. We have fans running to try and dry out our bottom floors. Once they are dry, we will be able to asses how much damage there is, then we will be able to determine what can be repaired, and what needs to be replaced.

Thank You,
Pastor Andrew


Could please pray for me that God straighten out my financial life and put it in order. I have been working very hard for three years.


That I be the husband God wants me to be and the witness I need to be for others to see.

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Our prayer request for March 2017
Please pray for us as we minister to those in our community who need our help through the Mission and Thrift Store.