Door of Hope Mission Odessa, TX

December 2017 Newsletter

A Word From Our Director ~ Pastor Andrew Pistone

Where did this year go? As I look back, I'm thinking of the many guests who have come through the Door of Hope during this past year. Some of them were receptive to our Message, and some of them were not.  The people who have had changed lives, have understood that they must surrender completely to Christ.  They have also learned that living close to God – walking hand in hand in a loving relationship with Him - produces peace and true joy – no matter what challenges occur in this life.
One guest who came to us last year is Laura Halbert. She was truly searching to better her life and to begin a deeper relationship with the living God.

At first, Laura volunteered at the Thrift Store for a few months, and later, was hired as a tagger.  She then moved on to work as a cashier, and now she is a key-holder, helping our manager with many of her duties.

Many of you know Laura from the store, but that's just a part of what she does. I know that she has been working diligently to deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She listens to Christian music and sermons all the time, and - most importantly - studies her Bible to grow in her knowledge of God's message to her.

As I have found myself without an assistant, Laura has stepped up and taken the responsibility of facilitating two Bible studies every day – one at 6:30 a.m., and one at 7:30 a.m. God is using her to bless other guests as they study and grow in the Lord.

I love what I do, because I'm privileged to witness firsthand the growth and the journey some of our guests are experiencing.  Not only was I privileged to baptize Laura this year, but also have been honored to see what God can do when we are broken, alone, scared, and unsure as to how it will all turn out. He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New Year,
Pastor Andrew 

A testimony from Laura Halbert

My name is Laura Halbert, I am 33 years old, and I'm just discovering what living is like.

The first 32 years of my life were consumed in darkness. Drugs and alcohol had control of me throughout all of my adult life. It affected my family, and - in the end, caused my three girls to be taken by CPS.

In August of 2016, I checked myself into Turning Point, a 30-day treatment center. It was there that the Lord grabbed ahold of me, so I grabbed back. After I completed the treatment, the Spirit of God led me to the Door of Hope Mission, where I have been pursuing knowledge of the Lord ever since. I spent 32 years of my life searching for happiness and peace, but it wasn't until God flooded me with the love that's in Christ Jesus, that I came to realize that true joy in life is found only in the love of God.

The Lord has blessed me with brothers and sisters in Christ, who encourage me in the faith every day, a pastor who cares for us with kindness and love, and a relationship with my family, and with my girls, that is continually growing and strengthening. 

My prayer for you is that the love of God would flood you and your family this holiday season, and that you would cherish every moment spent with your loved ones.

Laura Halbert

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