Door of Hope Mission Odessa, TX

July 2017 Newsletter

A Word From Our Director ~ Pastor Andrew Pistone

There is power in the name of Jesus, and security in knowing that we belong to Him for eternity.

This past month, the guests and staff at the Door of Hope Mission went through a very difficult time as we experienced the loss of one of our own.

It's never easy to say goodbye to someone you have loved and helped to nurture and care for.

In Scripture, we see over and over again how Jesus restored broken hearts, and yes, He cried too, as He grieved the loss of a friend. 

Jesus came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly. He came to earth to heal our souls that were headed for eternal damnation.  If we realize our depravity, repent of our sins - denying our own selfish desires and putting our trust in Him - He will forgive us of our sins and we will live with Him for eternity. 

I thank God that we have a curriculum at the Door of Hope Mission that all guests must go through. They must read a specific textbook which we provide for them, cross reference it with Scripture verses, and memorize verses to further their growth as they form new value systems and behaviors, based on the Word of God.

The young man who went to be with the Lord last month was only in his 20's.  The loss is great, but the fact that he found Jesus at the Mission is even greater.  It is appointed for all of us to die. The question is: Do we die with Jesus and the promise of eternal life with Him, or do we die without Him, and experience eternal separation from Him?

I pray that you would realize that our time on earth is uncertain, and that you would listen to the voice of God - prompting you to turn from your life of sin and asking you to trust Him with your future. We all have a choice to make. God is merciful, and that's why He warns us. There is only one way of salvation. Don't let Satan fool you into thinking that you don't need the salvation that God provides.  If your faith is weak, ask God to help you believe. Please take these matters seriously and don't put it off.  

Pastor Andrew

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A testimony from Charles Mello

When I got out of jail, I prayed to God and asked Him for help because I was supposed to go back to San Antonio. However, God had other plans for me, and His plans were for me to be here in Odessa.

The first thing I said was, “Oil fields.” I got off the Greyhound bus, looked around, and started to cry because I did not know anyone here – so I asked God where I should go.  Still crying, I asked someone if there was a place where I could stay, and he said I should go to the Salvation Army. One week later, I was asked to leave because of my domestic violence case, so I found myself on the streets again.

A guy I met told me that I should go to the Door of Hope.  He said that I would be better off over there, so I went in - looking for a place to stay. The pastor was not in at the time, so I put in an application and left.

I went back to where I was staying - behind a restaurant on 2nd and Dixie.  For two days, I slept back there. I prayed, but there was still no clear indication about what I should do.  I was crying and praying with a sincere heart. I cried all night because I was lost and alone.

The next day, I went to the library and fell asleep for hours. That's where I heard from God.  At first, I thought that someone was calling me.  I heard my name, “Charles, go to the Door of Hope Mission.”  I hesitated, but the call came again, so I got up and went to the Door of Hope. When I got there, A.J. - the guy who works at the contact office - told me that Pastor Michael was not in, but that I should wait for him. I waited, and Pastor Michael walked in.  I asked if I could talk to him and tell him my story about how I got here. He was reluctant, as two other guests had just disappointed him in not following through with the rules of the Mission. I understood where he was coming from, but I cried out to him for a chance to prove myself. I told him that I would not let him down, and that I would work very hard and do all my studies. He just looked at me and said, “Welcome.” I said, “I will not let you down.”

So, here I am - giving my testimony about how God worked in my life and put me in a place to work and learn His Word. I know now that I don't work for Charles or the Door of Hope, but for God. By the way, I also know that I'm not a perfect vessel, but Jesus did not come into the world for the righteous - but for the sinner; and don't forget that God not only hears our cries and sees our pains, but He also heals our pains.

God opened a door for me that I thought would never open. He gave me a place here at the Door of Hope, and to me - this is a BIG DOOR that God opened for me because I have a family here. The people who live here are my brothers and sisters in Christ and in life.

Thank you, Pastor Andrew and Pastor Michael for all the help and love that you are giving me and showing me - asking nothing in return.  All you ask is that I praise God and let Him work in my life.  God bless you in everything you all do.

Your brother in Christ,

Verses of the Month

You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in My name the Father will give you. John 15:16


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